Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ready to get Kicked out to another place!‏

Family and dear Friends,

It is now springtime here in the beautiful land of Korea, and is it starting to become amazingly gorgeous here in this small land. When I say small land I mean that in more than just the way of Korea’s land mass, I mean that in the way that I love sheheung but I am ready to move, the small area we proselyte in has seemed to be getting smaller and smaller each passing day! Lol 6 months in this area is a long time to go, most people only go for and the longest is 5 so who knows about elder Grant right now, next week when the call comes he could go or he could stay though I am definitely expecting to go since I have been with Elder 이 for two transfers already!

So this last week has been a fun one with the weather starting to unfold as is directly translated over from Korean! This last Sunday we had two baptisms of a two little boys who are twelve and thirteen years old. We have been working with them for a long time. They started coming to English class almost two years ago but noone ever picked them up as investigators. Elder Mills and I started meeting them because of grace, her target is this family and still is as the mom and dad aren’t members yet! It was a great day. We had the senior couple up to see it as we had taken them to their home for dinner and a lesson one time. The mom had them get baptized because she wants to send them to BYU so it isn’t true conversion for her yet obviously, however the boys are amazing and we love to be with them. My recent convert from that group of students is still pulling off the miracles and referring his friends up a storm though many of them don’t want anything to do with the church they all come to play ping-pong and we pull out the ones with interest to teach them a short lesson. Teaching these 14 year old kids American age (15 korean), has helped me realize how you really have to change to meet peoples needs. With them we can’t just sit down and go half an hour straight, we have to do it in lots of brief lessons so that they focus and can learn something.

Hmm, funny story from this last week? To tell the truth I haven’t had any funny happenings in the last little while. We had a member call us up from another ward and I had no clue he was a member so we set up a time to meet like he was an investigator. He was talking very bad English on the phone so I figured he was an English suck who only wants to meet to learn English, come to find out he is a less active who really was an English suck at one time but somehow ended up getting baptized and going less active right after the fact. He wanted to meet us because he heard that my name was grant and he knew that there was a church prophet named grant and a U.S. president. Which reminds me, How are we related to both of those people? Maybe grandma or granpa grant can answer that one.

Nothing else has been happening too much this week, missionary work is the same ole’same ole’.

Love you all,

Elder Greg Grant

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