Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Only one more phone call then home! May 2010

Hey everyone living back home in the chilly and very dry state of Idaho. I think it is safe to say that it has officially become summer in korea and boy is it hot and muggy. I can do hot but I sure don’t like the muggy!

So just an update on the life of a zone leader, it’s a busy one. This last week since Sunday today is the first day I have had in my own area, I have been on exchanges all the other days and we have another one planned for tomorrow and then after we make phone calls on Monday in order to help with the combining of the mission’s in two months we will go on exchanges for two days with a couple of the zone leaders from seoul mission. I am feeling so hectic right now that my head is liable to pop right off! Lol It’s tons of fun though, I feel like I just stood up from emailing you last week and sat right back down to email you again.

So I will expound on my adventures here in bang wha today. Mainly the fact that in the last three weeks I have gotten to play tennis twice!!!!!!!!!! I may not be as good as I once was, but I’m as good once as I ever was!!!!!!!(Name that country song!!) So I don’t have the skills I had back when I was a senior in high school when it comes to match play but I can stroke back and forth for fun with the best of them on the Korean courts! So we have an investigator who is way into tennis and has even gone to America to play at the USTA tournaments in vegas. She loves the fact that I can play and has invited me on p-day a couple of times, I am loving it. We’ve played a couple of doubles matches and its fun, won some and lost some that just drove me up a wall but overall just getting to play is good. I am able to hit better than I thought I would be able to though.

SO this last week we had jo seew cha get baptized on Sunday, not a very well planned out baptismal service on our wards part and so didn’t have the spirit like we wished it would have had but hey, what can you do, next time we will just get er’ done ourselves. We see miracles everyday as we are on exchanges with the elders, though at times I feel that our own area is kind of suffering for the lack of time that we have to spend in it. We need your prayers more than ever now, we don’t have a single investigator who is meeting us regularly though we do have some part member families we are working with really closely and my companion gave some good insight on that this morning. He told me that it isn’t those people who we find and teach that get baptized most often, it’s the people who are already in the ward who are part of less active families, part member families, and looking back at the last few months I can’t help but think that it is so true! Can’t wait to talk to you on Monday here and Sunday there, I’ll probably be calling around five or six o’clock your time so have the phone ready and a good list of questions so we don’t have akward silence!Lol

Love you all,

Elder Grant

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