Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New email address

Hey Ya'll, This is Elder Grant speaking from the new email address which he was so kindly "Assigned" by the church!Lol Oh well not like my old one was much better. This week has sure been a hectic one but as usual it is fun and it is missionary work and I am starrting to realize what i have to do to get things done the way the lord wants them done not the was that elder grant wants to do them!
Question. Do boys fight like girls? Do boys have the ability in them to catfight? No need to answer that one becuause I have seen the cat circle go full round with a group of boys. Those 1 year old boys we have been meeting are now turning into a nightmare of problems. One of the two that has been baptized apparently does not like us any more. he wasn't able to come to church sunday and then the next day we get a text after we met them at the church saying he was done coming to the church. Apparently amidst our dozens of boys someone has offended him. We've been working for most of the week on trying to iron things out but it just doesn't seem to be happening. The sad thing is that he has yet to recieve the holy ghost and he is taking about three other of the closest to getting baptised boys with him, keep mr. lee jeoung hyoon in your prayers please! We have also seen many many miracles this week. One happened on monday right after we got the text from this boy. We had been proselyting all day and it seemed like it was one of those days where just everyone is rejecting you, which happens a lot more when you are with a korean, needless to say we were both starting to feel down and like we couldn't proselyte anymore and this call came to make things worse. We were headed to proselyte in a local park and we had just gotten there when this text arrived. It made me slightly sad but more than that it made me mad that satan was winning and after a few seconds of depression the thought popped into my mind, well he one that round but we'll win the fight, go find someone else. Apparently the lord needed us both good and humble that day as after thinking that I went and sat down next to an old man and started talking to him which we normally don;t do because they won't listen but I was up for anything after all the rejection. The lord humbled us and we taught this man for almaost an hour on a bench next to a tennis court(Can you say distracting!Lol) Life is good here in the mission i\even if it is a little bit dramatic right about now! Can't wait to here from you next week!
Love you all,
P.S. as the guy on the game cube snowboarding game says, "Wheres the Love Man?"

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