Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Twelve Apostles!!!!‏

Hey Ya’ll and welcome to the sunny/rainy/cloudy/muggy I don’t know what to call it land of Korea. Seems lately like we have been having all sorts of weather. This week has been a really good one. We got to have a special meeting and shake hands with elder Christofferson on Monday, what a special treat to here from an apostle of the lord. His main message was about the book of Mormon and how using it in our own lives and in missionary work we could help to change others lives for the better. I feel like that is so true, if people just read and pray and follow the basics they won;t live problem free but the problems they have will seem less big as they feel a certain peace through the gospel. This last week we went and visited a man and his family who was diagnosed with cancer maybe four weeks ago and is deteriorating rather rapidly. He expressed great concern about his sons particularly his oldest son who says he is done with church when he turns twenty which is the legal age here in Korea. This man was a bishop up until he moved about three months ago, he asked us what he could do to help his three sons. I asked him if they did FHE, read and prayed together, not surprisingly as most Koreans do he said that no they didn;t and never really had. I immediately testified that if they would do that it would change their families lives. I truly feel that just by doing those three simple things together families grow closer and the world has less influence on the children and other members of a family. These three things protect against bad friends, arguments, pornography, a variety of things. I remember very few of the lessons we had when I was little but I do know that because we did it all of the people in my family are better people because of it. So I will commit you missionary style, will you follow the prophets counsel and do these three things as told to? You dang well better or I’ll swim the ocean to come get you all! Lol Well I have got another fun filled p-day ahead of me, see ya’ll next week!


Elder Grant

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