Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mother's day phone call 2010

RE: Hey Momma!!!!!!‏
From: Susan Grant (
Sent: Wed 5/12/10 8:29 PM
To: Greg Grant (;

Hey Handsome,

It was so great to hear your voice on Sunday, truly, it's a joy to know you are alive and well and still motivated about being on god's errand Greg. It makes my heart rest at ease, but I also sensed the burden of responsibility in your voice and the tenderness of heart you are experiencing. Those phone calls are tough, on all of us I think: ) Much as I love talking with you, I sense they're a little hard; I hope the homesick faded quickly; there were things I wanted to talk about with you, but didn't want to make you cry (okay, me!) Thank you for making the effort and for talking with everyone so patiently---Mikey would NOT let anyone else talk and Kendall just kept saying, "Make him be quiet so I talk" about everyone who had the phone. those little boys are so proud of you and want so much to be like you; it's awesome! Hearing your voice made it real for them--even if they DID keep repeating everything. Your Carly misses you like crazy and would love to have you all to herself; hearing your voice makes us all homesick for you. Probably shouldn't tell you those things, but sometimes we just need to be real and not pollyanna positive all the time? We miss you---that's pretty real right now. But we're so glad you are happy and well---that companion of yours is bound to figure out what an amazing Elder he's got with him and stave off the 'motivational speeches' ---we'll put both your names in the temple again this week when I go. Everytime I am there, your name is too. And lots of my friends...: )

We're headed to Districts Tennis at sun Valley tomorrow; Tanner is coming--Carly's wanting to have this one year to herself, but he's been so great he deserves a break too. He and I will go off and do so she can have her space: ) Hope she does well so she can go to State; she wants so much to make you proud of her. She's going to play singles. We're having spaghetti dinner again; it has become the tradition: ) Tracie will come up and play with the littleboys while we're gone; hope they all three have fun.

I went shopping today to collect girls' camp equipment; camp is in June. did I tell you I'm the camp director? that, and they released me from gospel doctrine last week adn I'm now the Laurel advisor---hope it's not all too much 'mom time' for Carly. I think she's okay with it....just probably not the little brothers that will sometimes have to be with me. Should be a fun couple months---busy, since we have to buy and figure out all new equipment, but hey! at least we get some and I don't have to round up borrowed stuff!

gotta run grade papers and get my lesson planned for next week. I'm going to have my kids do a service learning project with the JCC boys again next week; we're headed out to eh Livestock center west of town; we're going to clear a fence line of big boulders that are knocking it down, clean up the run-off sludge from another section of fence line from the ice in the river this winter and then roast hot dogs and have dutch oven cobbler and s'mores. should be a fun evening with the boys from up north...hope it all goes smoothly. My kids are excited, which makes me happy because they have been so mellow to date i was afraid they weren't really alive and breathing: ) I'll let you know.....: )

Love you son! so proud of you!
finally have all pieces of package gathered, should be in the mail the end of this week!

XOXOXO, Momma Bear

Date: Thu, 6 May 2010 15:34:19 +0900
Subject: Re: Hey Momma!!!!!!

Okay I will do! I'll see what I can do about the tennis shoes over here, finding ones my size is a little bit rough but I should be able to do it. Today we hit up a great sale where I picked up some good shirts for 9 bucks a pop and got some free ties. I pulled out 100 dollars and hopefully that will get me shoes and the stuff I bought today, we'll see what i can find. On the shorts I think carly may have them as last year in the MTC I got a pic. and she was wearing them!Lol
Love ya,

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