Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lots of changes and crazy Miracles‏ May 29, 2010

Hello, Most important things first, Elder Grant is experiencing a change in Mission Home address. Starting in four weeks if you could all begin to send mail to




Gwanghwa-mun 110-602

P.O. Box 210

I would greatly appreciate it. The last few days have been extremely hectic and it doesn’t look to slow down any before we combine with the seoul mission on the 29th of June. From here on out our p-days are being moved to Monday in a worldwide effort by the church to standardize missionary work around the world, thus meaning that today is not a p-day and that all I get to do is email you guys and go right back to work, they announced the change on Tuesday so this week is a long, p-day free, week of missionary work, you don;t realize how much you need that day until you don;t get it. So this last week was transfers but Elder Grant will be staying in bangwha with Elder Tucker. However, our zone experienced some huge changes. We had four people that went home and one area close, out of those four only two of them were planned to go back to America. One was discovered to have a worthiness issue and the other has OCD and so isn’t able to deal with missionary work, talk about crazy huh. So because this elder with the worthiness problem just got discovered on the day before p-day he has to go home making it so we have one less possible companionship so they ended up shutting down an area in our zone where the ward just can;t seem to work with missionaries very well.

This last week we’ve seen miracles every day. We were meeting a man on Saturday and we got to the subway station about thirty minutes early after getting out of a meeting with some other missionaries and we were talking about what to do, so I said, well we need some more lessons and a new investigator to reach our goals so lets do it. We threw down our goals and walked right up out of the station. Right as we came out there was a man walking along beside us so I greeted him and we started talking, this man talked with us for about twenty minutes before our appointment showed up and as I was sitting there and we were talking I was thinking about how we were going to commit him and how he would respond. I thought, “commit him to come to church!”, what commit him to come to church on the street, I had always done that with people in passing but this was like a place in which we could get a new investigator and doing something like that could cost us his trust and friendship as he could come to see us as purely people who go around saying believe in christ, however who am I to say no to the spirit. So as we were parting I threw down the will you come to church commitment to him and he got a little bit freaked out but we explained that just if he had time we would love him to come and see what our church is like. That night we texted him our churches address and told him once again the time. I prayed that night that he would come because I really felt like that was the commitment I needed to give him. Half-way through sacrament Elder Tucker looks at me with a surprised look on his face, “Elder, He’s on his way to the church right now!” I was way surprised and so grateful at the same time. He arrived five minutes to late for sacrament meeting because of his job but we were able to sit him down with a member and teach him about the gospel, he really is an amazing person and prepared. It was a testimony to me that as you find and then commit people through the spirit, it makes for much more effective missionary work.

Hope you all have a great week this week, I’ll pray for you if you will pray for me!


Elder Greg Grant

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