Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A week in the life of Elder Grant April 29, 1020

Hey Everyone and welcome from the big old Korea!

So this last week has been yet another crazy week and it all started on Sunday where we say miracles! So in order to hit the standards or goals of our mission we had to have a new investigator and 4 lessons with a member present on Sunday, we knew we could do it. So we started out after church with our lady who is going to get baptized this Sunday who is 70 years old and basically a self referral. We got done with her and then we went out to hit the streets with our recent convert here in bangwha! Sidenote- this recent convert is actually mentally handicapped he is named jeoung joong min, he is 17 and absolutely hilarious. I absolutely love working with him because he reminds me so much of Kendall. Anyway back to the miracle I will write about him to you in a snail mail when I have time one of these days mom. So we went streetboarding with him and got all the lessons with a member that we needed but we still hadn’t found our new investigator and both Elder Tucker and I were really starting to worry but we still new it could be done just that we had to do everything in our power to get it done. At that point we had a dinner appointment with a member and our schedule after that for the night was to visit a sister who’s’ daughter has yet to be baptized and then we had an appointment with a less active family. We got out of dinner late so by this point we were really thinking because the plan was to use public transportation to get to this ladies house so we could talk to people on the way but in order to follow all of our plans we would have to take a taxi and go from one appt. to the next really fast. We decided that since the night before we had planned in faith that we would follow our plans instead of just going to street contact until the next appt. so we hopped in the cab and we had decided to talk to everyone in our path, the cabbie was the first target, he didn’t accept. As we were walking to the house we talked with everyone, the student, the smoking guy on break, and we had nearly arrived to visit this member when a guy came walking up from behind me and I stopped turned around and said hi, this led to that and we will meet him this Saturday, tight huh? It was a great testimony to me of how goals set with the lords’ help are fulfilled through that same help! This week started with my first training of other missionaries, we prepared Monday and did it Sunday and then went on splits with the AP’s, talk about crazy. The minute we get in the car I realize that the day would not be normal as we are headed out to another area to pick up an elder who is headed home. On our way there, we get in a car crash! Don’t think that that is bad because all it was was like driving bumper cars at about 2 miles an hour. We were pulling into a gas station and this lady nudged up against our side, the start of a great exchange. We saw miracles on the exchange as well! So that is the week up to date and we start the busy cycle of training and helping our zone on Friday with our
first of 7 planned exchanges and lots of surprise visits! Yahoo

Played Basketball today for p-day so that was pretty fun, can’t wait to hear from you all.


Elder Greg Grant.

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