Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Greggors--letters to Momma and back

Re: Greggors‏
From: Charles Greg Grant (
Sent: Thu 5/06/10 12:57 AM
To: Susan Grant (

Hey Momma Bear,
SO this last week has been a good one if not one of the busiest I have had on the mission. Been feeling a little down and out with some kind of nug lately and having a few killer headaches but as of today i am feeling somewhat better. Glad to hear that you and tammi and the boys are having so much fun. I can;t wait to get home and get in on some of that mountain outing and horsebak riding stuff! It really is fun doing the lords work but at times you just wish you could have a day to relax and have some fun.
Sounds as though they finally figured the deal with carly out huh? How long has that nasty stuff been around bugging her? This week is mothers day again, already? Holy cow does time flie by quickly or what? When I call on sunday it should be early on in the evening though I am not sure exactly what time I will be calling or where from yet. When I call if you could have things like how much is in my account, and yeah thats it for prep stuff, ready to tell me I would love you to death, but wait, I already do love you too death! I hope you always remember that momma bear, I love ya!
P.s. anything i can do for you over here? I have emailed uncle joe a few times, he's got a great heart you know it!

On Sat, May 1, 2010 at 1:09 PM, Susan Grant wrote:

Hey Cute Elder!

Man do we love to hear from you! Does my heart good to know you're 'alive' and well' : ) Thanks for being so good about checking in all the time; I know your hours must be so limited now--leadership has a way of sucking out all the extra minutes in life, but the blessings are given back in such magnitude I know it's worth it in the long run. We pray for you daily in your new responsibilities.

Pretty cool you have found a 'special spirit' there that reminds you of our Kenny---he's had a few of his own special moments this week: ) He has been home sick from school all week so Dad and I took he and Mikey to McDonald's for a 'hamburger and fries' and to play on the toys. I made them pinky-promise in the car that they would get out of the toys and come with me when it was time to go. I had to get Carly and Kenny to Idaho Falls that afternoon for an orthodontist appointment and we were in a little bit of a hurry...well, long story short, I was half an hour late picking up Tanner to watch Michael because Kendall would NOT get out of the toys. Your he-man dad climbed up those toys and hauled him down just a-fussing. So, moral of the story--don't take your investigator to mcD's for a respite break! Sheesh....we laughed, but shook our heads at the same time. No wonder we haven't been to McDonald's for years...really. We never go. And'll be awhile before we go again: )

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