Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Miracles in the snow march 24, 2010

Hey Ya’ll and welcome to the land of insane and crazy changing weather. One day it will be bright and sunny and I am thinking alleluia summer is finally here for godd, the next day it drops three inches of snow on us, and the next day its raining! Dang it seems a little to much like Idaho weather! Lol They say that they haven’t had snow this many time in years!Lol Talk about crazy Global Warming.

This last week has been a good one full of Miracles and finding a couple of good students who seem to be all that exist out here in the countryside because everyone else is either women or old men. Can’t talk to the women and the old men just say, “됬어요” or in other words, “BUG OFF, will you pup, you don’t know anything!” That describes the mindset of 90% of the old people here! However I don’t mind meeting students. Our group from before has all but disappeared except for our baptisms who apparently got baptized because they knew it was true and not for their friends to be awed. So the story comes out now. This Tuesday we had a great district meeting and we went out to get to work. Lately we haven’t been going out to find with very much faith and we both agreed that it was having an effect on the work and decided to change. You would think that we went out and tore the streets up and that everyone wanted to come back and get baptized right then, Right? Come on doesn’t the lord just give us stuff when we decide we want to change? As we all know we must first endure to see the final blessing. We went through the whole day and taught a couple of members and a couple of people on the street but couldn’t seem to find the one. However that night we had a meal with the second counselor in the bishopric planned and our new convert, so we made our way to the church at 7 to pick him up and walk to the house. As happens a lot he wasn’t there. We waited for twenty minutes and figured he just wasn’t going to come and of the billions of kids here he is one of the few without a cell phone and he wasn;t at home. SO we head to our members apt. and when we are basically on the front step he calls, “I still want to come, I am sorry, can I still to come?” Of course we answer! “Can I bring my two friends?” OF COURSE we answer again. He reffered two of his friends to us at the meal and we have met twice since and they are doing great. Since he has been baptized, this little boy has reffered 4 people without even realizing it and they all have good potential! Amazing huh!

This week has been great and next week looks to be even better!

Love you all,

Elder Greg Grant

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