Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Man was it good to hear all of your voices May 2010

Man was it good to hear all of your voices, long time no see, i uh… mean… no talk to huh? Lol SO this last week has been a crazy yet good one and I basically told you all of the goings on over the phone when we talked. Today fro p-day we are planning on heading over to the zoo so we don’t have much time to do anything but it should be lotsa fun! I sure love all of you and am thankful for all of your support. This week I have been studying on how to follow the spirit and one of the things I studied alot of was when nephi in chapter 6 was constrained by the spirit to kill laban. Nephi knew that laban was a bad man and he also knew he needed the plates but he still had a hard time following it. Nephi had to go through a kind of check process before he realized that it was the spirit and he realized that he had to follow it. WE in our lives need to do the same things. As we live worthily and ask for the spirits guidance it will come, its just a matter of following it. Take today for instance. We had gone up to surprise some elders in our zone to study with them and on the way back a little boy sat down in front of me and normally I don;t talk to little 14 year olds especially when their moms and right there but I felt like I needed to talk to him so talk I did, in English, as far as he could go with intros., and then i switched to Korean and he was amazed! Lol This little boy is actually suffering from some type of lung disease and his dream is to become a preacher. He loved talking to me and especially loved the fact that I was Christian. I made friends and he asked me what the book of mormom was and so I explained to him using the intro. And pictures and he loved it and was impressed, even asked me where he could buy it! I told him he could get it for free and asked his mom if I could give it to him, she said yes. This little boys face just lit up brighter than any i have ever seen, I shared my favorite scrip. And he dog marked the page for latter. He was a little disappointed when I told him I didn;t make money but I explained why and by the time we were done he left the bus saying I want to be like you when I grow up! Amazing story huh, testimony to me that the spirit guides us! I love you all and hope you have a great week!


Elder Grant

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