Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Thanks for the scriptures April 1, 2010

Hey Everyone it is Good to here from you this week! Thanks so much for sending me all of your favorite scriptures! I loved Hearing from you and Can"t tell you how much I love all of you! Not much time this week as we are at the senior couples home with our zone having a party because they are going home in a couple of weeks. We watched the movie ever strong which has now soared to the tope of my movie list, of course it is still under remember the titans but those sports movies are so inspiring. When someone works hard to reach a goal in life and accomplishes it it is always moving. Not going to have time to shoot anyone individual emails so I am sorry but I love you all and know that the Gospel is the biggest help that anyone could ever ask for in their lives, I have seen it truly change people for the better. Missionary work is the lords work and even though at times it is hard it truly is changing me into a better person and hopefully I am helping some people in the process. One of the big things I learned this week is that change is hard, we talked alittle bit about spiritually purifying ourselves in zone conference and my first thought was of all the things I could change and the second thing I thought was how hard it would be and that I didn;t want to do it. However, once you decide to change your life and ask for the lords help he truly will mold you in his hands as I am already starting to see as I seek to change! I am still in shiheung with Elder Lee and loving it, starting to feel like I know the place "Really well" if you know what I mean. 4 transfers in dongjak and four here now the feeling is starting to be that of" Wanting a new place" But I will go where the lord wants me to go or stay where he wants me to stay!
Love you all,

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