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It was the worst of times, and the best of times March 17, 2010

It was the worst of times, and it was the best of times.‏

So I couldn't think of anything else to put into my subject box so i threw that one in, first thing that popped to my mind cause that is what elder lee said this morning! His english isn't to good so when he threw that one out there I burst out laughing, he was talking about having to proselyte so much on a mission!Lol
So this last week has been a good one, our little boy who was refusing to get the holy ghost and also refusing to talk to us is really staring to come back around, it seems like he doesn;t like the idea of all the other kids having fun and him not. In interviewds with President Burton yesterday i asked him about it and I recieved specific instructions to call my bishop and get his approval to give him the holy ghost and then the next time I see him to clap my hands on his head and confirm him a member of the church of jesus christ of latter day saints! He's been baptized but if he isn't confirmed its kinda like michael running around with only a shirt on and no pants or underwear on. He's wearing clothes but not the part that does the most amount of good!Lol Amazing story of the week. So I have been wondering lately how we can help people to progress better in the gospel, well i found my answer. The commitment section of preach my gospel is absolutley amazing. A commitment given in the spirit can do wonders but if you do like preach my gopsel says and follow up on that commitment it can do miracles. I have a story I want to share about that. So I have been here in shiheoung for almost six months now, long time- I know, and the whole time I have been working with a man who is 38 years old and less active because he has to work on sundays, however he is an amazing man, but he will not read the scriptures. I have commited him over and over again to read, pray, talk to his boss but he never seems to do any of it, however on monday before we went on exchanges with the zone leader we had an hour to work and I had just read about following up. We commited this man hard, we threw the beast mode at him last saturday and now I knew it was time to follow up, we threw aside the plan to print english flyers and went and visited this man. Needless to say we followed up, and he hadn't done it like usual, however, he came to know that we cared. The next day i texted him and asked him if he had done it and he said that he was doing it right then and had commited himself to read the book of mormon for twenty minutes a day no matter what. Oh, what great blessings this man will recieve for following the word of god and his servants! SO we have gon from lots of investigators to about three but those three are progressing well and two of them have baptismal dates set for the first sunday in april. These two are two little 12 and 13 year old boys and hopefully there parents will be soon to follow! Gotta love misionary work!
Love you all,
Elder Greg Grant

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