Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Transfers Janary 2010

Charles Grant (greg_grant@myldsmail.net)
Wed 1/20/10 8:18 PM
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안녕하세요,SO this week has been absolutely a whirlwind of a week. This week was the week of transfers and the weather actually starting to warm up even if just a little bit! The last two weeks have been absolutely amazing and it just keep as astounding me. We have gone from teaching no one to not having much time to contact on the street because we are always teaching, not gonna lie, I love it!This last weeks miracles are just amazing so I want to tell two of them. The first happened last Friday. We took an investigator who has been meeting with us for four weeks to our senior couples home and had dinner and taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We went with Grace and for any of you that have heard graces story she is amazing. Between grace, the senior couple, the spirit and our attempts this man will be baptized next month on the sixth. To tell the truth as we taught that lesson I can honestly say that I haven’t felt a spirit like I did in there very often. All present felt it and all present came to realize what it was. We extended the date for the 30th but it was a little fat for him, however so long as he gets baptized and stays true we could care less. The second Miracle came in the form of Grace. She is a recent convert of just over a year know and if you want to know about here ask my mom!Lol Her year anniversary for baptism was on Sunday so yesterday we went to the temple with her to see her get endowed. Never have I understood my purpose so clearly. You looked at her and you could see the light of the spirit radiating straight from the core. This woman is a daughter of God and she knows what her baptismal and temple covenants are and she is keeping them. I hope we can all have that same light and keep our covenants by inviting others to Christ through baptism but also as I came to understand my purpose more clearly, we have to realize baptism is only the first step and the true process we have to help in is getting everyone an eternal family, everyone must be worthy of that temple and being close to our father in his house.Alright so the other big and a little bit frightening news of the week is that ( No Mom I did not get transferred- I’m still with Grace) Elder Mills got transferred and I have been made a senior companion, however I am scared to death. I am senior companion with a junior missionary who has only been out for three months, and guess what- he’s Korean! I am with a Korean companion and I have never had such a stinking big headache, I am hearing Korean twenty four seven with very little English. This is going to shoot my Korean ability to the stars if I continue studying hard and we are willing to help each other in both languages! I am way excited. Elder Lee J. meen is how you pronounce it, is from an area down south and is the only member in his family, he is twenty four, has been to army service and back and is ready to get the work done, I can’t wait! SO this week has been way exciting!I love you all,Elder Greg Grant

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