Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Oatmeal is where it's at 1/27/10

I love Oatmeal!!!!!!!‏
Charles Grant (greg_grant@myldsmail.net)
Wed 1/27/10 8:51 PM

Hey momma,Great to hear from you and all of the news from home!I got the package you sent yesterday, did you use enough tape? I was trying to get the shoes out cause my other ones are painful to walk in now and all I had was a key, I sat on the bus ride home for thirty minutes working that tape with a key only to finally have a man hand me a pocket knife from behind, though that did spark a discussion about the gospel so maybe it was fate!Lol all the stuff in there is awesome, the oatmeal is perfect and if you sent those and only those in every package I would be more than thrilled! I never thought I would love oatmeal, but lunch today was amazing! The shoes are great! Thanks for getting those and sending them to me! The camera thing I will start looking for and hopefully I can get one fairly cheap! I’ll start on that today probably and get one next week at the big electronics mall on our way home from the temple! I have no idea what happened to the other card, I probably have it but I can’t find it worth a dang thing!Lol This week we have once again seen miracles and I am not going to lie, I love serving with elder lee, I am already starting to thing in Korean!LolGrace wanted me to write you about her brother and his son. I need to start with background first though. When grace got baptized her two younger brothers were furious that she and her parents were joinig what they thought was, I think the word is kind of like a cult when you translate it to English, so a cult. Her youngest brother whom she live with at the time came whom furious one day and ripped a book of mormon in half and she had the choice for her and her family to continue living there or join the church she chose the latter obviously and moved in with her parents. Grace got endowed last week as you know and she told me a story about when she went into the celestial room, she was the first in and all alone for about 3 or 5 minutes- lucky duck!- but she was thinking and praying and she prayed for her brothers hearts to be softened. This isn’t all the story but part and the next day her brother called and said he needed help. This is where you may come in if you can help, I don’t know she just asked me to ask you and she said she would contact you to, but I will write this part latter. So that brother called and her other brother called about an hour latter and his business had gone bankrupt and he was aking her since he knew she believed in god to pray for him and the business to be blessed and she basically got to teach him the gospel and he is supposed to come out to church cometime soon. Okay back tot eh first phone call he called her and he has a child with special needs, I don’t know what, I just know he isn’t mentally able enough to go to school with normal kids and not disabled enough to go to another school so here in Korea there is no place in the educational system for him. This brother called her up and said he knew that she had contact with Americans in the church would he please talk to us. She knew about Kenny and so told him about me and our family and also about the gospel as well and he is supposed to come to church, however he wants to move his family to America next year to better his sons life, I don’t know what you can do but I did as told by grace so, all is well in zion!Lol Just contact her about it and maybe point her in the right direction or something!Incredible story hugh? I couldn’t believe it when she told me, she has wanted her brothers to simply learn about the church forever! Amazing! Amazing- in memory of hearing oh…beautiful evry time we were on top of a mountain!I love you tons moma bear!Love Greg

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