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Hey y'all January 27, 2010

Hey ya'll‏
Charles Grant (greg_grant@myldsmail.net)
Wed 1/27/10 8:30 PM

Hello everyone,Can I just say I am happy or can I just say I am happy! The weather is still cold but it rained yesterday and got rid of all the snow and it is bright and sunny out today! It feels like a day in which I should be out playing tennis but I guess we will have to settke for ping pong! Which by the way Elder lee is amazingly good at, however, the only two times he beat me was when I was stuck using the Korean style ping pong paddle, other than that I am safe! I am currently reigning champion of the ward her in sheheoung but I have yet to play bishop and he is renowned for being very good!LolThis week has been great, we are still seeing miracles in our area and it is amazing to both of us! For the last three weeks straight we have picked up 7 or more investigators each week which is way good considering the standard is only about three or less! We are looking at two baptisms on the 6th and maybe one on the seventh, we will decide that on tonight but I will keep you updated! Working with elder lee is great, I finally have a companion who wants to work his rear end off and get the job right, the members see us working and you can already tell we are changing their mind set about the missionaries, we are just seeing amazing miracles together!One tender mercy of the lord we got to be apart of yesterday came in an appointment with one of the recent converts in our ward named 이화정 I wont even try to spell that in English. We were teaching her to pray in English because she is going to BYU in a little bit and also she will pray at our English class party-story day! We taught her and the other member we were with to pray and then we read in enos about prayer faith and desire. I have a huge testimony that prayer really does help us and we shared about that and that she could be blessed and receive guidance simply by praying. It was a really spiritual lesson and at the end she told us she hadn’t been praying lately and that she felt that the lesson was perfect for her and that she saw why she needs to pray. Unbeknownst to her the night before while we were planning we had something else planned to do but it just didn’t feel right so we decided to talk about prayer, I read enos that morning in preparation for the discussion and we decided to use the whole chapter. The lord guided us in what she needed! Just a tender mercy of the lord and one of those missionary miracles which lets you know that you are working by faith!This week has been a blast and we are looking forward to the next week as well. We plan to keep seeing the miracle of the lords hand in his work here by continually working hard! I love you all!Elder Greg Grant

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