Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Re: This is Grace

Hi Susan,

Thank you so much for your warm reply.
How happy to confirm your email...!
Thank you ,Thank you...^&^

Lunar Holiday is the biggest Holiday in Korea.
It is smilar to your New Year Holiday.
During this Holiday, our family gather and have Korean traditional food
as like rice cake soup(떡국,ddeog gug),barbequed beef(불고기,bulgogi) and many kinds of fried food(전,jeon).
Ah,,,! The Yu Goa that I sent to you is one of them.
It is made of rice and honey...
It is sweet and smells a spicy fragrance.
We bow to our family who is older than us saying "새해 복 많이 받으세요(Best Wishes in New Year)"
This traditional customs means we repect our family who is older than us.
After having delicious meals, we play 윷놀이(yuk nol ri).
I think Elder Grant explain to you much better than me.
He had experience to play it with us in New Year of the solar calendar.
I hope you understand about the meaning of Lunar Holiday through my bad English...*&*

We have Valentine's Day coming up in the 14th of February,too.
We send cards to one another expressing their love and care for each other.
Some people send flowers or chocolate in Korea...
Not ballons and stuffed animals.
Yes, I agree with you on that it seems like the shop keepers benefit the most...^&^
But as you said, it's the great day to tell people they are loved as a neat reminder .

I already knew when Elder Grant's birthday is.
Sometimes I cannot believe that I have two daughters who they are 20 & 18 years old..^&^

We all love you.
PLS give my regards to your family.

Take care
With Love

Your Korean Friend Grace

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