Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sprint or Winter?? Rainy, wet, cold still... 3-3-10

SPring or winter?‏
Charles Grant (
Wed 3/03/10 8:38 PM

Family and Friends in the very blessed Nation of America!Hello from shiheoung yes you guessed it, that means I am staying here for my fourth transfer and to see many more miracles! This place is great but I am also A little bit surprised that I stayed as it is really small and president usually sends people elsewhere after three here! I think I will be gone for sure next transfer though, the brain and body are just ready for a new place and fresh start to missionary life! However, we will work hard this next transfer and we (Elder lee and I) will see tons of miracles, starting with our group of 15 year old students!So the miracle of this last week was that we had two baptisms! We are meeting a group of about 15 students and out of them two got permission to be baptized, these guys are just great and so much fun to be around! Lee jeoung hyoon and park jeoung hyoon got baptized Sunday! We have had lots of parental opposition amongst these boys so it was truly a miracle. In fact after he got baptized we got a call from lee jeoung hyoon and he was crying and said his mother had forbidden him from attending church. He could come and “Hang out” with us during the weekdays but couldn’t come Saturday or Sunday. We were stunned Elder Lee talked with his mom and we planned to meet her the next day and explain our church a little better. The reason she changed her minds is because some friend told her that our church was a cult of some sort, and that we didn’t believe in the bible or Jesus Christ, talk about misinformed and not trying to learn for yourself, I hate that, always make decisions based on information you have learned yourself not from the rumor mill! Monday she called us up and said she couldn’t come because she had to go to work and that maybe next week we could meet. That night we met with our boys and gave her son a proclamation on the family to show to his mom, miracle, he showed it to her and her thought pattern did a complete 360! We have been writing letters to our other boys parents and the hearts and doors are slowly starting to open making for what looks to be a fun next transfer!Life is great here in Korea even if the lack of sports and the coming of spring yet continuance of winter-rain season is about to kill me! In just want to get outside and do some real exercise, guess I will have to wait ti’ll next year! Not much going on besides missionary work and all the other usual stuff!Love you all,Elder Greg Grant

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