Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Weird American can't talk--has a cold 2-17-10

HEllo, I can;t talk!‏
Charles Grant (greg_grant@myldsmail.net)
Wed 2/17/10 10:27 PM
People on the street are thinking I am a fairly weird american about now!Lol I have had a cold since monday and myvoice is basically completley gone! AHHHHHHH. SO today for p-day we came into the mission home and did our pass off program, I passed off the second part, haeleluia, I only have one more part to go and most people don;t finish that before they go home, yikes, talk about a mountain to climb. From the emails it sounds like you heard about our missions combining so my goal is to finish pass off before we combine in the beggining of July, I have to read the whole BofM in Korean, I am only in mosiah, talk about hard! Not much time this week as we hafve to head home but I want you all to now that I love you and that in Christ we can do all things!Love,Elder Grant

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