Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Killer Combination Companions

Hey ya'll‏
Charles Grant (greg_grant@myldsmail.net)
Fri 2/12/10 3:23 AM

Hello Everyone!So lets start out by making a clarification on when our baptisms will be happening as my district leader thought he would do for us between him receiving them and the APs. Our baptisms are all set for between the 27-28 of February because we only have one normal Sunday here this month so it has been hard to get people to church. Elder Mills my last companion moved just one area over and became district leader and last week apparently thought he knew more than I had told him about our baptismal plans because we had spoken with him about our investigators who they were, when they could get a date, he reported that and more to the Ap’s making for us receiving a lot of phone calls from them. We all had a good laugh about it in the end because they had like three names of people we had never even heard of and yet were supposed to be baptizing!Lol However we do have a lot of people looking up for the end of this month and the first week of next! I love working with Elder Lee and we are seeing miracles everyday! As a member who went to Korea put it today as we pulled a student in off of the street to meet with him after having an investigator call and cancel, “ You two are a what they call “Killer Combination!” I laughed right out loud cause he said that in english, but it is way fun! We of course have our ups and downs and two days ago was one of the downs but we still see bright spots. With the holiday many people are leaving town, and that day we had a full day planned with an appointment every hour but all ended up calling and canceling! Talk about a long day of street contacting!!!!!!!!!! However in the moment where I thought I could do no more we said a prayer and were blessed to actually be able to take someone to our church with us and teach them! Tender Mercies of the Lord!So I am sorry I didn’t write yesterday but with the crazy holiday weekend we are supposed to have p-day Saturday. We were supposed to write yesterday but we wanted to get everyone met at least once this week so we had appointments every hour plus we went to the temple, full day! Oh, yeah, I got the new camera to! Thanks mom and dad! I got a Blue waterproof shock proof 10 mega pixel camera! Its way nice and I can;t wait to use it in the mountains of Good old Idaho! It was just what i was looking for because I wanted something that could take the outdoor activities! The temple was great, always is! I went yesterday wanting to learn about the atonement some more and other things, In focusing on the atonement I learned so much, many things I hadn’t even heard while at the temple before! Its amazing what a little bit of preparation can do for and experience! This week is a Korean holiday called solar or something like that in English, it should be fun! Right now we have no appts. And are instructed to clean our houses and update record books! Yuck… I hate days spent in the house! However we can do it and be happier for the clean aspect! Not gonna lie but I am ready for Summer to be hear, I am sick of cold and overcast skies, we had sunshine about a week ago and it just makes my soul yearn for more! I love you all and hope you have a great week!Love,Elder Greg Grant

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