Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ouch! 2-3-10

Charles Grant (greg_grant@myldsmail.net)
Wed 2/03/10 8:46 PM

Hello one and all and it is once again cold in the far reaches of south korea, I love the cold, I love the cold; at least I am trying to love it! This week has gone by in a whirlwind and I really don’t know what has happened to it. It seems the further along you get in the mission the faster time flies! We have four baptismal dates for the 20th of February so hopefully we can pull them all through without satan working his force upon them. It really is sad how people can be so close to the truth and just end up getting swept away in the little things of life and not commit to coming all the way unto the savior.So today is one of those p-days that I am really not looking forward to. Last Saturday we were playing basketball with one of our investigators and my foot got stepped on and it ripped my toenail all the way down. In short it caused an in-grown toenail which is something I can handle but I thought I finally had it fixed only to realize I wansn;t even close to getting it in the right place(cotton swab) The toenail split way down deep and that is where it is causing me all of the grief. I’ve been trying to fix it on my own cause I would rather die than go to the doctor in America let alone in Korea, however after not being able to sleep cause it hurt so much last night I called up to sister burton and it looks like I have to go have it cut out, YUCKK! NOT Happy BOB! That’s the biggest news of this week but there is even bigger news coming for next week okay its this Sunday I guess but I have no sense of time out here. Elder Oaks is coming to speak to our stake, and we all get to go. Everyone is really excited for it because he is here and there is really no purpose for him to be here so they all think that some big announcement is coming. I think I will wait to here what he says before I start to speculate!Lol No other big news this week, we were supposed to go to the temple today but that got canceled because they are calling a whole mission conference for tomorrow, wonder who will come?:) I love you all and just a little hint of what makes the best package ever here in Korea, mom stumbled on it the last one! PRE-PACKAGED OATMEAL! Did I just say oatmeal, elder Grant is starting to develop tastes for everything he did not like before, onions, pickles, saur kraut, however I stand firm against the tomatoes!lolLove you all,Elder Greg Grant

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