Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's Hump Day--one year 2-25-10

Its hump day!‏
Charles Grant (greg_grant@myldsmail.net)
Wed 2/24/10 9:03 PM
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One year, a whole year since I was last in the confines of the amazingly wonderful state of idaho! That’s a little bit weird to be able to say here in this small but very populated state of Korea! Hello everyone and welcome to the day of the hump! Haha so these last few days the weather has been absolutely amazing and we were planning on going and having some fun at the local park today but the weather called for a monsoon and soon it did, right now the rain is pouring down in torrential sheets and Elders grant and lee are looking at yet another p-day filled with nothing of good report but sleep and maybe watching legacy in the local church!:( In Korean they would say 나븐기쁨 or in other words I’m not in the best of moods! Lol However look at the bright side, at least today is P-day so that I don’t have to be out proselyte in the rain!I can’t wait for spring. That mood that always hits when tennis season is around the corner is here and boy do I ever want to play tennis or at least get out and do some sports! I am longing for the open fields of grass to play in and the cement of a good court beneath my feet, however I will have to wait for both of those another year as neither are to be had in Korea, I think I will go lie in the first field of green grass I see when I get home! America is so beautiful! Not that Korea isn’t it is just a very different kind, its own kind of beautiful!Lol SO this coming week we have two baptisms scheduled to happen, two kids who are tanners age! Tanner if you want to send them a letter I will translate it into Korean for them! Right now we are really seeing miracles here, we having been meeting this group od students every day since elder lee got here and we have gone from 5 to fifteen and we are looking at tons of potential baptisms as of next month, it should be fun! Not sure I will be here to see it though, we get transfer calls on Tuesday and I have been here for three so you never know where I could end u[ going!I love you all and hope you all have a great week!Love,Elder Grant

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