Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Be Spiritually Prepared January 13, 2010

be spiritually Prepared‏
Charles Grant (
Wed 1/13/10 9:37 PM
HELLO,So last week it was the most snow in thirty years and this week is the coldest in a long time! The last two days have been hovering around a balmy 5 degrees Fahrenheit and isn’t looking to get any warmer much soon! Can you say freezing your buns right off? We have been proselyting or street contacting I don’t know what it is called in English just that it is 전도, in Korean, a heck of an awful lot and it is bitter cold!Lol However when you suffer for the work the blessings come pouring in.As you all well know the last transfer and a half we have had basically 0 new investigators to show for the work we put in. Last week that all changed as we found 7 investigators and they are all really good! We got one referral which rarely happens in Korea, we found 4 old investigators from like 6 years ago who just got busy so couldn’t meet anymore and we picked up two others off of the street who seem to be very interested! The ward work here is going amazing and we are just having an absolute blast! This week it looks to be another miracle week as if all goes as planned tonight we will have met the standards three days early which never happens! I LOVE KOREA! Alright so miracle story of the week. SO this last week we were coming back from district meeting and elder mills was sprinting to the house for lunch(about the only time he ever sprints! Lol) and I stopped to talk to one more guy before we went in to the house to eat and our house is maybe 50 feet from the church so I asked him if he had ten minutes in which we could go into our church and talk, the guy said yes, When someone will do that, that is a miracle in and of itself but the better part was as we spoke about the restoration. I taught basically the whole thing as we didn’t have much time but both elder Mills and I felt the spirit in what we thought was the most power either of us had felt in a lesson as we were discussing afterward. So we taught, I saw that this kid had been affected by something and he was feeling the spirit so it was time to commit. “No I don’t have time to meet with you again, no I don’t want your book, no I will not give you my phone number.” I was torn as to how this kid could have felt what I had felt and respond in such a matter. So I asked, “Did you feel something different while we were talking, did you feel warm and at peace?” he responded with “ yes, it was something I have never felt before, it felt amazing.” “What you felt is Gods spirit testifying to you of the truths of what we just taught you.” The kid believed the spirit that bore witness to him but in the end he just excepted a book of mormon and the commitment to read it and call us when he wants to learn more. Never have I felt so spiritually high, and yet never have not understood this thing called the holy ghost more. Why don’t all lessons have that spirit, why don’t people act after feeling that spirit? I asked myself these and many other questions, I didn’t know. I asled president Burton about it in interviews and he responded with a, “You were spiritually prepared and he was prepared but only to a certain extent!” I know we can all feel this spirit but we have to be spiritually ready. I challenge all of you my friends and family to be spiritually ready for when the time comes. When the time comes that you need the lords help, or that the lord needs to make you his means of work here on this earth! I love missionary work, I know this gospel is true, even if it is cold and blizzarding I will Go and do!Love you all, have a great week,Elder Greg Grant

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  1. Wow --- you look SOOOO good. And I love the looks of your apartment --- and what a beautiful area. Happy Birthday --- I didn't forget --- just didn't get a wish off to you. Did you every find out where Elder Haviland was from and who his Dad is?
    I promise I'm going to get a letter written --- think about you often and you are in our prayers.
    Sis Nye