Monday, January 11, 2010

Short, sweet, and very white!

Short but sweet and vwery white‏
Charles Grant (
Wed 1/06/10 8:37 PM
So all the old men say that it hasn’t snowed this much in forty years but the news says that it is just thirty, but hey, 8 and a half inches of snow in one night in a country with no snow removal equipment is a ton od snow no matter how you look at it!Lol Hello everyon and welcome from the snowy and rather wet, freezing reaches of Korea! So Sunday night we went to bed and we woke up to 5inches of snow and in the next hour it put down another 2 and never quit snowing the whole day!Lol It made for quite the day as we were scheduled to go on exchanges. We have a 30 minute busride to a big city then we transfer for an hour long busride to where we normally switch companions! However, after 2 and a half hours on the first leg of the trip with the bus starting and stopping and getting stuck we just got off and walked for another hour to get to the bus station, from there it took us another 2, we left at nine and got the exchange done at around 3 o’clock! Crazy stuff huh? It was lots easier going back as we didn’t have to drive through a whole nights worth of snow. Normally Korea gets about an inch 4 or 5 times a year, but it dumped this time!It may have snowed a lot but we got a lot done on that exchange and actually found two new investigators however the one punked us and hasn’t answered his phone yet but hopefully he will in the future! Not much time to write today but now that I love you all and that the work is going great!love,Elder Grant

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