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Charles Grant (
Wed 12/23/09 9:15 PM

Hey family, I just want to let you in on what has been going on in Korea over Christmas and say MERRY Christmas.So here it goes, This Christmas season has been a great one for me here in the mission field. To tell the truth I wouldn’t rather be anywhere but here, even if I miss the fam., I have learned so much and seen so many miracles in the last two weeks that I never would have known otherwise! Yesterday for example, we got home with only 45 minutes left and so we dropped of our packages and grabbed the cookies we had made to deliver to a less actives in our wards mother(We are doing Christmas배달) and we stopped in the shoe pit to do the right start. We had three lessons planned as our goal for the night. We only lnew that one of them would come from this sweet old woman, the others we had no idea where they would come from, but we prayed and went out in faith and full of the spirit of Christmas, we met a 고3 on the street and he listened to us for ten minutes and agreed to come to our Christmas party tomorrow, we then went to this womans house, the son wanted to be there when we did it but because of his work and how our schedules differed he told us to just do it. Keep in mind we have been to his home and visited several times and every time this woman has turned a very cold shoulder to us not wanting to see or even hear about our glorious message. We knocked that door and both of us wondered, “What if she won’t open it?” We hear a gruff, 누구세요? And we respond that its us the missionaries and it goes silent…will she open it???? After about three minutes she came to the door and we broke out in a rather bad chorus of hark the herald angels sing, but as we sang it amazed me to watch the spirit work upon her. It was almost as if I could physically see her heart being warmed to the point of knowing that we came with a special message. She allowed us to share a brief Christmas message and then we left. I don’t believe I will ever forget that feeling walking out of that apartment building or the sight of a womans heart being aoftened before my eyes, all done by one thing, Love, she felt the love we had for her son and the savior and then through that felt the love the savior has for her. Simply put it amazes me!The best part of these last few weeks has been the insight I’ve been gaining into the gospel. I have been focusing on the love of the savior and also upon baptismal covenants and it has been fun to watch as doors have opened up to us just so long as we now take what we have learned and act with it. In studying these two topics I have come to a greater understanding of the saviors love for me and of how I can learn my baptismal covenants and show my love to others by helping them keep theirs. Last week I thought ward missionary work was all about the 소개s but in reality it is about me keeping my baptismal covenants and help the members keep theirs or in other words showing the love of Christ to everyone, becoming everyone of the christlike attributes that are in preach my gospel, together. I want to share the love I have for this work with the ward, I want them to feel the love and spirit of Christ which I felt last night, its hard to put into words what is going through my head but simply put, once I fully keep my covenants by helping them keep theirs the endless circle of love begins and everyone see’s that the love of Christ is what truly changes lives.Now it is just time to act on what I learned right? Haha I encourage all of you this Christmas season to share christs love with others, not simply because it’s a commandment or that you have made a covenant to do so, but because of your love for chrsit and all of our brothers and sisters!Love,Elder Greg GrantP.S. Merry christmas and happy birthday grandpa grant, kendall and joseph smith!

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