Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas here and everywhere

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Charles Grant (
Wed 12/09/09 8:47 PM
Hey everyone in the snowy reaches of the united states, this is Elder grant here reporting in from the rather wind bitting South Korea! They say Idaho and Korea are on the same parallel but I am not quite sure that I can believe that as it gets cold here for about a day and freezes everything and then goes back to raining and just driving the humidity straight through any coat you have on and into your body, sounds fun right?LolSo today was transfers, can’t believe it has already been six weeks! The big news is…….I am staying here in 시흥 with Elder Mills. Hopefully it is a great next transfer as this last one has been a little bit labor intensive with very few results. We are looking into going into this next transfer with a total of maybe three investigators, two who we have just found in the last week and one that has been meeting with missionaries for six months and her two little boys are baptized. She is a great woman and says she will be baptized but she has a word of wisdom problem with coffee and with alcohol because of work and she doesn’t want her boys to see her break the commandments after she is baptized. We have tried to get her to work on it and she is but the economy is so bad she says she has to drink to stay up in the real estate business here. Maybe grandpa adair if you could send me a letter for her about mainting integrity in the business and also something “American style- real estaty” that would be awesome, I have talked with her about you and that has been my way into her hard shell. I am one of the first missionaries she has really opened up to ever about her problems so hopefully we can get her to baptism this transfer. Other than those three who only meet once a week a piece we have no one, so it looks like it will be a building transfers full of miracles, and we will see baptisms, I promise!So this weeks funny story comes from our crazy member, litteraly he has lost his mind. He thinks that the missionaries have an inside contact with the u.s. embassy and government and that we can get him into a meeting with the president to talk about the trade market and getting Blackhawk choppers into Korea, weird. SO this week he has been calling us more than normal, about twice a day, drive me nuts. He is the sweetest man but when he calls after I have fallen asleep three nights in a row it really makes me kind of crazy to!Lol But last night we were waiting for transfer calls and elder Mills was a little anxious and he called and elder mills was sitting there waiting to see if he got a call and he thought he was leaving shiheoung, but he’s staying, just a funny moment in the week! SO its Christmas here and everywhere I hope everyone has a great holiday month! I know I will, and it will be full of the Saviors work and name! I hope you all keep him in your thoughts all the time this time of the year and the whole year for that matter!With love,

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