Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mmmm...American Food--thanksgiving

Mmm...American fOOD?‏
Charles Grant (
Thu 11/26/09 1:15 AM
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! SO I don't have much time today as we have already been to one of the senior couples homes to have thanksgiving dinner. We went to a couple from Idaho Falls home cnamed the pickets(He knows you Grandpa GRant, what A coincidence I still here about you half-way across the world!HAha). It was us and one other companionship as most went across the river to members on the army bases homes. It was delicious and we enjoyed a good couple of hours together discussing our blessings and just eating. Whew, I haven't had American food in a long time, it is both very salty and very sweet but is still my main mantra!Lol This week has been a rather long one we have been stuck in the house a bit as both my companion and I have been sick, I seem to have gotten it pretty bad and was laid up with a 102 degree fever but am much better now. We did recieve a rather good scolding from sister Burton for going out yesterday to do all our appointments but you have to figure the lord will bless you if you are willing to serve hard! She said yeah he will but he also gave you heads for a reason!lOL gOTTA LOVE SISTER BURTON. I love you all and hope you have a great weekend.Ps. Mom in the next package if you could restock my cold medicine supply that would be great, not quite sure what to trust here!(No one is!)Love you all,Elder Greg GRant

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