Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Charles Grant (
Wed 11/11/09 9:27 PM
Hey so all everyone gets is a paragraph this week, I only got 45 minutes because that is all the library here is allowing. Ghetto huh!So I hope everyone is well and fine having a grand old time in the snowy reaches of the north. The weather here in Korea has taken a shift to the colder side of things but you know how much I love the cold, though I think that is because I am normally playing when I am out in it not walking all day! So any suggestions for how to work in an area with less people are greatly appreciated as it is rather difficult to find in this new area! We got to join in the kimchi making process this last Tuesday and it was an absolute blast, rubbing hot sauce type stuff all over cabbage leaves for three and a half hours what could be more fun? It was really fun though, we had all these old grandmas we were working with and they were shoving rice cakes and kimchi down our throats for us as we had our hands full of cabage, I don’t think I need to ever see kimchi again! Not gonna lie though, I have grown kind of fond for having it at every meal, including breakfast! People may start to think I am a Korean!Lol Hope everyones week has been good and wish you the best up ahead. I will be going to the mission home next Thursday so if you send letters tomorrow I should be able to get them by then f the time schedule Is the same as usual!Love,Greg

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