Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Charles Grant (
Wed 11/18/09 9:53 PM
Hello all of my family in the snowy, cold, far reaches of the united states of America!So today we woke up and my fetish for exercise has us outside every morning exercising by running around the church parking lot and basketball court(Dirt), and what do you know but the snow started to fall straight down from the sky, okay maybe it was just a few flakes but it has officially(unofficially if you look at it from idahos viewpoint) snowed for the first time. The Weather has gotten significantly cold here and is making it hard to get people to want to talk with you on the street but hey that is just how life goes!LolSo this last week has been a good one. Generally the life in siheoung is much slower compared to the one I had been living in dong jak, less people, less everything is what it seems like but we do have a baptism lined up for next week though we haven’t been able to get back into contact with him after he took the equivalent of the ACT last week. Pray for us and for him so that we can all know what is right concerning his baptism! The work in shiheoung is good if not slow at some points, many a time you find yourself walking and just not very many people being in existence around you, sounds like Idaho!Lol My thinking is that it is time to get to work and shut up those many souls who say that our area has no people, the Zone leaders, our district leader and basically every other missionary who has ever heard of our area. This next week my goal is to be “The Intense One”, we will hit every standard and then some and just work hard, I like the sound of that idea but that’s what we do every week!Lol Just waiting to see some results come. I got transferred in here right after they had a month with seven baptisms from refferals so we are now building our investigator pool back up!SO the funny thought or story of the week, this last Saturday we had an appointment at our church at eight o’clock the only problem being that we were looking at our watches and it was five to eight and we were a good twenty minutes walk from the church. “Lets take a Taxi,” sounds in unison as we both know we need to get there fast. Well we get into a taxi and tell him where we want to go and he starts speaking to us and says basically he is from an area about two hours away but will get us there by using his navigator. We were headed to an area which was only five minutes away but he headed in the totally wrong direction, after about three minutes of driving we both tell him he must have put in the wrong direction but he wouldn’t listen; “No, I used my GPS we will have no problems!” Uhh… but what I am telling you mister is that we are already having a problem, we wanted to get to a place in the city we were in and now we are on the highway!:) We went for ten minutes like this and he said you don’t know because you are foreigners! Finally I busted out some very stern word usage in Korean and he was like, oh, your serious, you mean you don’t want to go here. We then had to travel for another twenty minutes to turn around. In all it took like and hour and fifteen minutes to go a five minute cab ride away. Ughh, good thing he only charged us for the first five minutes!Annoying, moral of the story is do not use out of town cabbies. This week has been slow but you know missionary work is always good!Love,Elder Greg Grant

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