Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Miracles are preceeded by faith...pulled a member in

Miracles are preceeded by faith!!!‏
Charles Grant (
Wed 12/02/09 9:50 PM
Hey everyone, so this week has been a fairly busy one but also a fairly good one. We had zone conference on monday and had to make the three hour trip into the mission home again for the second time in as many weeks, that makes for a long day on the bus, yuck. This last week the mission took a real dive so we got a little bit of a chewing out from president but we are back on our feet and running strong with a strong knowledge of our purpose as a missionary here in Korea after zone conference. After the training we all went up into the birtons home and ate lunch and then had a testimony meeting up there. The spirit is always felt so strongly by everyone present in mission testimony meetings. Just hearing others testiomonies makes mine stronger. I nknow christ lives and i know his atonement is meant for all if the will only access it! Let us all remember the life of chrsit during this christmas season, i know I will even though christmas is non-existant here in Korea!Lol So what else went on this week, miracles, So i just want to tell of one last night. Last night I just got back into our area after being on splits with the zone leaders, Side note. So we went on splits tuesday and I got to go with elder eem a korean, what I would not kill to have the opportunity to have a native companion, we had so much fun together! So back to the miracle. The zone leader and elder mills had planned for two lessons(Set a goal ) with a member but elder mills had only set up one and we had another APPOINTMENT but it was with a kid they had met on the street the day before and it was very iffy so we usually wouldn't get a member. At this point I put my trust in the lord and said well if thats the goal you set we have to get it so I scheduled a member to help us at the church at 8:15 after we picked this kid up at the nearest intersection. SO 8:05 came and the kid had punked us just like most students in Korea and I Said, "Elder Mills, its time to pray, we set this goal and we have a member lets pull someone into the church with us and get this lesson as our member is probably there waiting for us." We proselyted back to the church and I could see our member in front of the church gate waiting and we had two sets of people in front of us, a student and also a family, I was going for the family when i felt like I should talk to the student and so i stopped dead in my tracks and shouted out, "아,학생" or thge equivalent of hey you student directly translated. I asked him where he was going and his name and age which is the norm in korea and he told me he was late for academy which all students attend here. I said well I know you are late but do you have five minutes we could talk to you in our church right over there. He said yes, never does a student late to academy say yes to something like that, it was a miracle and we will meet him again sunday night. It was great as we taught him with a preparing missionary who just got his call 2 days ago to daejun korea, he thought it was an amazing miracle, which it was! I love missionary work! Have a good week. SO this week has been a good one, know I love you all and wish you the best!Love, Elder Greg GrantP.S. Thanks for the package grandma, i am loving the jam and the big cookies are always my fav!

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