Thursday, November 5, 2009

...New NO people here..just 400,000

hey Family, Good to here from all of you and it sounds aas though everyone is doing well! So this has been my first week in the area of 시흥, quite the trip going from the dead center of seoul to one of the largest least populated areas in our mission, there are like no people here!Lol I say that but there really are tons compared to Idaho, I just cant stick my hand out and start talking to someone else after I have finished with a different person. So Elder Mills is from hailey, Utah and graduated in 2007. He will go home in may. He had some troubles in the first part of his mission mainly with confidence but they lead to several other things. He’s rather a shy Chap and really has no interest in sports or the outdoors whatsoever! he isn’t too bad actually, at least he is willing to go outside and exercise every morning! The big thing he likes top do is sing and act, not so much the acting part but more directing. We have a lot in common on that side of things but other than that we really don’t have much going for us and I think I have heard about every play he has been in twice over!Lol With not very many people in siiheoung there leaves a lot of time for talking as youre walkin!Lol So apparently I am an intense missionary! Lol I have now been told by my last two companions that exact thing! However it also feels like I got trained and had to make the Jump up to senior companion immediately! It just amazes me how some people can come out here and not have much of an initiative to do the work or that they are just plain to scared to spread the gospel! Elder Mills is great and we get along well, but he is as big of a pushover, sloth that there is!Lol the pushover part is good because I can get him out working and doing it the right way! He really is good if just slightly odd!JSO this weeks gospel message comes from the war chapters in Alma! I have been reading over them this last week and I realized that you can learn out of them principles which apply to daily life! I want to take the principle of preparation today! So the Lamanites are getting ready to come to war right? What does Helamen do? Theres a three step process after he realizes they must prepare-one, turn your hearts to god, two, ask him what to do, and three do it! The big part I got was that through this preparation he established defenses for his people. He had so many barriers to protect his people that the lamanites couldn’t get in. The same goes for us in life, we need many barriers of protection. Satan is attacking us from all sides so we must turn to god, ask what to do and do it. The do it part in our case is to make ourselves a fortress. We start with our morales, we must define them now and what we will and will not do. The next step is throwing up the walls and spike and defenses- this would be our friends family prayer(Sorry for the bad typing I have to hurry_) scripture reading. After we set these up and if we defend ourselves in the right way we are impenetrable. However we must establish good friends in the beginning as satan will work to our weaknesses. Satan got to adam through eve, we cannot let ourselves be gotten to by satan through others!( Realized that in the temple today!) I am loving life and all that is in it!

Love,Elder Greg GrantP.S. we just set a baptismal date for the 14th-pray for kim duck goon.

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  1. Greg --- I'm way behind in writing you -- sorry. Thank you for the nice letter a while back --- probably QUITE a while back now. Fall is here --- winter is trying and I'm just trying to keep up with everything that's going on. Good to read your blog and I can tell you are doing great -- keep it up. I WILL try and send you a "snail mail" letter soon. Love, Sis Nye