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You can basically smell the dog in it... Sept. 10, 2009

Not much time but I love you all!‏
Charles Grant (
Thu 9/10/09 2:52 AM

Hey everyone how has the week been going so far?

Today I don’t have much time to write, only about 25 minutes so I am sorry I can’t try to send out a few individual emails! Today we got to go over to the war museum in Seoul, it was a really neat experience. To learn about the Korean war was really cool. It gave me a whole new respect for how much and how rapidly this country has progressed in the last fifty years. It went from being this war torn country with all of its people living in huts to having one of the biggest economies in the world! Quite amazing to learn about after you have seen parts of both the new and old Korea in your proselyting on the streets!

This week there really isn’t a lot to report on, we were supposed to get transfer calls tomorrow but they have been moved to Tuesday so I will find out them if I will be staying here in dong jak for another transfer or not. I love it here and could stay another transfer and love it just as much but going to another area would not be bad either!

This last week on p-day I forgot to include what I was going to eat that night. We went and elder skousen and I both had Dog for the first time. Sorry aunt Tracie it was just something I had to try and no worries I will never be eating it again. It is absolutely the worst meat I have ever eaten! It is covered in fat and you can basically smell the dog in it…YUCK. So that one is down and I can now say that I have eaten dog and all the Koreans will think I am an amazing Korean-American! JThis last week I haven’t been feeling so great, I am, always tired and it makes it hard to proselyte on the street for long stretches of time with the same intensity. I think it may have come from eating the dog meat and a couple of other Korean dishes we have eaten in the last while! I love Korean food but some of it truly can threaten to destroy an American Missionaries system! Lol I think my favorite dish here happens to be an octopus dish. They fry up octopus and make this big stir fry basically and put it in a type of red pepper sauce called koo chew chang it tastes amazing but is fairly expensive so I have had it only a couple of times!

The American food is all starting to taste really sweet when I eat it! Lol food here in korea is always spicy or bland never sweet so American food is always a real shocker to the palate.Good to here that everyone had fun at the tennis tournament and got in some good practice. We tried to proselyte at a tennis court back last week and I almost got to play even in my clothes and then he noticed-don’t know why he didn’t assume with the clothes I was in, that I had Sunday shoes on!Lol he proceeded to tell me that I wouldn’t be able to play in those shoes!Lol it made me think of dad and coach winn at practice basically every day in Sunday shoes. I may not have gotten to play but it was good to talk tennis for a bit even if it was in Korean.

Glad to know fedderer is back on the top of the pile and was very surprised to hear that safina was number one in the womens!Lol they thought it was hilarious that I wanted to play in church clothes but in the end they heard a little about the gospel and why I was in korea so that was good.I’m doing good overall, love korea and everything about it. The only things I really miss are you guys, tennis, and I really wish I could get in a good work out at a gym! Elders here used to do that but it was stopped about 2 weeks before I got here, dang, it would be nice to be able to stay in shape! That’s okay though I will just have to find my muscle again when I get home!Lol

Love you guys a lot, I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Love,Elder Greg Grant

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