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Nothing funny happens here! September 2, 2009

funny...nah...nothing funny happens here!Lol‏
Charles Grant (
Wed 9/02/09 11:20 PM

자 여로분준기 안냥하십니까Hey everyone so this week is kind of a crazy week, we had tons of appointments and tons of work to get done, it seems like everyone wants to meet on the weekends right now so we have appts. Every hour on the hour Friday, Saturday, and Sunday but on every other day of the week we have maybe two or three which makes for a lot of proselyting time which isn’t necessarily fun in the heat! Lol but if you get your tail side out and get to work during that time the lord always blesses you more than you can ever expect! I really have a testimony of that, at times my companion really hates going out and proselyting and working 24/7 every day but no matter what I make him go out and do it, we have seen amazing blesses from this. We really don’t see many of our blessings on the street they come in the form of random people walking into the church or a grandpa referring his son to us!

So the miracle for the week comes from last night! We were supposed to have three member lessons last night and two of our appointments canceled at the last minute, and the one the member was already there, so I asked him if he wouldn’t mind waiting in the church for about ten minutes while we went out to talk with people on the street. He said yes as he is one of our amazing new converts, 최선묵, and elder skousen and I said a prayer before we headed out that we could find someone to teach with him. You always hear the stories of people doing that and they find someone right? Its no lie, the first guy we talked to……….alright he rejected me fairly hard, about as hard as any civil Korean will reject you which isn’t very good for the morale, but I knew we would find someone. The very next person we spoke with was a 16 year old student. We asked him if he had some time and he did so he came into the church with and we taught him the first lesson- and explained our English program since our member brought it up-dang it- oh well, he has great gospel interest and will meet us two times a week and can come to church and family home evening! Now that’s what we call a very lax Korean when he has that much time on his hands! From this experience I truly have a big testimony that if you have faith the lord will bless you with the help you need to make his work progress!Lol

Funny story……………I don’t have one this week! Lol so that will just have to do! Awesome that you climbed the middle teton mom, looks like you got right up close and personal with some of those deer there!LolI love everyone and hope you have a great week!Love,Elder Greg Grant

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