Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Incinerated....what...send Jerky as "snacks" in your pkgs

Incinerated?? 모요?(What?)‏
Charles Grant (
Wed 8/26/09 9:04 PM
Hello everyone in cold Idaho, its actually starting to cool down a little here to though I guarantee its still hotter than what I ever fell in Idaho! So this week has been a fairly good week- lots of hard work but very fun! I love doing this work, it truly is amazing how quickly it can change peoples lives! SO funny story of the week comes from the package that Mom sent me three weeks ago. So we got mail yesterday because of Zone conference and I was slightly disappointed as no package existed but I did have a Korean letter and I was thinking, “now who the devil could this be from, I haven’t left my area yet so no Korean would be writing me!” Well I translated it during Korean study this morning and come to find out my half pound of beef jerky has been confiscated and they needed to know what I wanted them to do with it. So the first word I read was destroy, I was like uhh…ohhh. I better request more deodorant and toothpaste asap today then we were all laughing at what it said at this time because it said the whole package would get thrown into the burner, needless to say I wanted my package, so I called up the number on it and got a Korean and I had to discuss what to do with my package in Korean!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH… so I was wondering what a certain word she was saying meant, I looked it up fast while talking with here and it was incinerate! I quickly said I was a foreigner serving in Korea and that I couldn’t speak Korean well and asked for someone with English ability- to bad the only person they had was maybe thirty [percent fluent but we got it worked out and when we go to the mission home next week the package should be there, or so I hope! Lol If you want to send letters get them sent asap and I will get them next week and after that I probably won’t get any for about 4 weeks.()This weeks spiritual story… it happened just yesterday. So we got back from zone conference and had nothing planned but teaching a less active member who has basically reactivated himself at eight. SO we come in from contacting in the rain and have this appt. and this lady from english class who kinda has the hots for our inactive shows up and sits in on our lesson about the commandments. Where is the miracle in this, this lady has come to church for the last four weeks just to be around this guy but will not here the sisters or meet with them, but she overheard us make an appointment with this guy on Sunday and is now going to meet with us and him to be taught about the fullness of the gospel. The Lord works in mysterious ways sometimes but at least she is now willing to learn and listen!This week has been good, not to much going on in our area as it is basically all students and this is the biggest time of year for Korean tests so no one can really meet, but we will keep working hard!With Great Love and Respect,Elder Greg Grant

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