Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Miracles and ...something about "Mormons"

Charles Grant (
Wed 9/16/09 8:56 PM
Hello Idaho and boy am I in love with dong-jak!So transfers were today and guess who is staying for his fourth in dong-jak, that’s me! I am so happy right now its insane. Here in our area we are truly seeing amazing miracles, when Elder Haviland left he left us with basically no investigators because we baptized all them, so we had a rough first few weeks. However, through working hard Elder Skousen and I have built our pool back up and are ready to feel it with the water again! It is amazing the blessings that the Lord blesses you with when you work harder than you ever have before in your whole life! This last week we found five new investigators and one is going to get baptized next Sunday and one the Sunday after, it is amazing how the Lord works! Alright miracle story time and it has nothing to do with baptisms, unless we remember our purpose and say we will eventually baptize this man! SO last night, we had a great day, a real preach my gospel kind of day if you know what I mean, but we had worked our trash of and taught tons of lessons and talked to tons of people. We’d met all of our goals and exceeded them but one, a new investigator. It’s 8:50 and we are on the street to home and we have to take decide to take the short cut which will get us home in plenty of time or keep going and maybe end up running to not be late. You never think things like this really happen, but we decided to go the long way. While walking along we picked our pace up some and Elder skousen got stuck behind a group of old grandmas a ways back so I saw a guy and decided to talk with him as I walked. Come to find out he had just gotten off of work and had read something about “Mormons” and an angel Moroni a couple months back on the internet. Boy was I ever surprised! I had been praying the whole night that if I would talk to everyone(Every man) That walked past that we would find our new investigator because we had set the goal. Well, we ended up taking him to the church and using the extra 30 minutes you can have if you are teaching a lesson to teach him about the restoration. We’ll meet him again next week, it truly was amazing. It really strengthened my testimony of the power of prayer, faith, and planning. If you plan everything perfectly so our father in heaven knows what you will be doing and where you will be he can put miracles in your path- but only if you truly have faith that he will will you be able to see and receive those miracles! The biggest thing I learned was that you must have these two but you must have a a prayer in your heart as well for his help- to help you see the opportunity and then the miracle inside of the opportunity. It is just like in life- if we pray the Lord can help us see different opportunities or things we should be doing!Alright so a little bit of info. About what went on with transfers, nothing really changed with me or elder skousen however our re is changed a lot. We have an amazing ward and a great area so president saw fit to move sheelim to another house and put two more missionaries in dong-jak. So we now have elder rigby from bonnevile-utah and elder Lufkin from rigby Idaho! Elder rigby with and elder from rigby!!! There cool but this area will be being pushed a lot harder with four elders. Our ward will really have to step up to the plate just as we missionaries will. So keep us in your prayers!Lifes great as a missionary. I love hearing from you all! Thanks for your support!Love,Elder Greg Grant P.S. Fall is here and I love it! Can’t wait for winter to hit!

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