Sunday, April 5, 2009

March 24, 2009 update

Hey!!!!So its bright and early tuesday morning I got my companion out of bed early so that we could get our laundry done and have plenty of time to do everything else that needs to be done in the day A.K.A Sleeping and learning more Korean Vocab. In short never an empty time slot here in the MTC for a nap and I am making one!This week My companion and I were made Zone leaders, itsa kind of wierd that the older group we are here with is leaving next Monday, it seems as if we just got here and it has been almost a month and two weeks!THis last tuesday we had the opportubnity to hear from ELder PErry on the value of companionships it was a great talk! ELder Perry was funny throughout most of it realizing how hard most work while here at the MTC and wanting to provide more of a relaxed atmosphere!Not much going on here its mostly the same routine! the Korean language is a fun one and is starting to click more for me as I study hard all day. COme to think of it I don't think I ever studied this hard in school... oh...wait... I never studied for school and still pulled good grades! To bad thats not possible here in the MTC! So hows tennis going? I can't tell you how much I miss playing with everyone I see the bright sun and think WOW what great tennis weather... Oh... wait I don't get to play! Greatly appresiated would be a can of fresh tennis balls in the next package, you know how I'm addicted to that smell! LolIN short the MTC is great I'm in an awesome district and we work hard but laugh hard with one another as well! Sure miss everyone back home!Love, Elder Grant

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  1. Funny isn't it -- how high school doesn't take much study --- and then all of a sudden WHAM -- college OR learning a new language sets in. Well Elder --- if it just keeps snowing like it has been, you won't have to yearn for playing tennis.
    Sis. Nye