Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Anyonhaashmika, April 15, 2009
I would definitely have to say that General conference was amazing!!! Those last three talks in priesthood were what I got everyone else to refer to them as as the "Triple Threat" They were three great talks! If you could send me the text for ElderPackar of the seventies about being attentive to the spirit that would be awesome, I think either that one or elder uchtdorfs "Light Bulb: talk was the most inspiring for me!Food choices are getting old! Haha I never eat the main lunch meal I always go salad or a wrap, and fruit or granola for breakfast! Dinner is usually either a wrap or the main meal if it is healthy and looks palatable! We decided that everything tastes the same here and its cooked in the same pan so just eat whatever! Haha... if I have the willpower the next four weeks I can Guarantee I will come out having lost a few pounds!
The easiest thing with the language would be getting the Vocab words while the hardest is switching the order to Subject Object Verb and putting the right subject, object, and ending markers and conjugations on them. Wish I would have listened more in english. :)
Tuesdays I wake up and do laundry at six eating a bunch of fruit and sack breakfast for breakfast then we go get suits on and go do personal and companion study for an hour each... then I fold laundry, get a sack lunch, write letters or go on a walk outside If I can get one of the other elders to go, then head up to the temple at three. The temple is a great place! :) then we eat and go to the devotionals!
Alright goofy story, one of the elders in stewardship or zone was doing situps the other day in Gym and dislocated his shoulder, don't ask how it just happened! Lol he now has to have major surgery tomorrow and all sorts of junk! My district is absolutley awesome all of us get along well and compliment one another Its seems as though we were placed together on purpose!
And yes WE LEAVE MAY 11! Yahooo..... at least that is what we have been told we wont know for sure ti'll we get our travel plans!
The MTC is great even if a little to confining and restrective on my opinion!Love you, play some tennis for me!Your son,Greg

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