Wednesday, October 7, 2009

P-day October 7, 2009

Hey everyone!So these last two weeks have been fairly exciting, tough ones for me but different from the normal. As you know last week was choosok or the Korean equivalent of thanksgiving so our whole weekend was shot to pieces though we did get to meet one of our investigators and set a baptismal date for the 1st of November! Long time away but with conference and him traveling for work that is the soonest we could have him out to church twice by!

Sounds like conference went amazingly well and that everyone was spiritually edified. Elder 최 of the seventy spoke, that’s awesome-I shoke his hand about 3 months ago! lol This next week we get to hear General Conference for the first time because of the delay- I can’t wait. We get to listen to it in English because it is hard for even elders who are just getting ready to go home to understand it in Korean, heck Koreans even have a hard time with it.

Anyway onto the happenings of this last week, these last couple of weeks have been tough ones on me but I am back to my good ole’ happy self. Last week it seems like all we did was sit around because of choosok doing records and things like that- really not very fun but when we got out it was a relief. We had a sports conference with our zone on Saturday and my goodness I believe every person was sore from that for about three days. We played dodge ball and those are not muscles you use much in missionary work or even think about exercising in the morning- maybe we will all think about that some more!

We went and got to see a traditional Korean music and dance show with our members, it was way cool, once I get my other memory stick I’ll send the videos back to you of it! This last weeks miracles…I have to think… we have lots of miracles here in dong jak but when everyone disappears its kind of hard to find them! lol

No joke, one day you are surrounded by 2 billion people and the next-it’s a stinking ghost town, it was a bit weird to walk out and be the only ones on the street! Anyway we did see a miracle on Sunday night, we went out to proselyte on the street to the few people who were there and we did all according to our training from president burton and we went out and found an amazingly prepared man, we are supposed to meet him again tomorrow so hopefully it happens!

A Miracle, Miracle-not quite the same as beautiful huh Mom?Anyway this week was good-

I love you all.
Elder Greg Grant

P.S. Tell uncle trent to get back on his feet and that he may have to prosecute himself if he keeps beating the neighbors!

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